Cazare/ Accommodation

Hotel Belvedere – tarife speciale cu ocazia Conferinței:

* Cameră single: 169 lei / cameră / noapte

* Cameră dublă: 219 lei / cameră / noapte

Camerele se pot rezerva trimițând mail de solicitare organizatorilor

Plata se va face direct la hotel, pe perioada Conferinței. ——-

Hotel Belvedere – special fees negotiated for the Conference:

* Single room: 169 RON / room/ night

* Double room: 219 RON / room/ night Rooms can be booked by sending a request to the organizers at

Payment will be done directly to the hotel, during the Conference.


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My philosophy has been misunderstood. It has been disregarded in many religious and scientific circles. This has not hindered me from continuing to develop techniques whereby my vision of what the world could be might be established in fact. It is curious that these techniques - sociometry, psychodrama, group therapy - created to implement an underlying philosophy of life have been almost universally accepted while the underlying philosophy has been relegated to the dark corners of library shelves or entirely pushed aside